Home staging

Do you prefer to sell your property quick and at the best price? Zichtbaar Verschil home staging will present the property optimally to make it interesting for a diversity of potential buyers on Funda. During a complimentary consultation at your home, we will walk through the house together to discuss what needs to be done. After this I will directly start by using the Hands-On method. This method means that I immediately roll up my sleeves and make your home ready for sale, usually within 1 day. I do this by using your own interior as much as possible. Every space in the home has a clear function, so the potential buyer can easily feels at home. Creating a sense of warmth and freshness in perfect harmony is the difference between presenting a house and presenting a home.

Is your house on sale for a long time and you don’t know the reason? Please contact me before you decide to a price reduction for the property. I will gladly come and have a look at your home with a critical eye and outline the possibilities. You will save thousands of euros!


Furniture rental

An empty house on sale looks better fully furnished. Zichtbaar Verschil can arrange furniture for hire and home staging to create a high level of presentation for potential buyers. The rented furniture will be placed, staged and picked up again after the agreed rental period to help you sell your empty property care-free!

Please contact me for more information